CEP 807 - Capstone in Educational Technology 

In CEP 807, we focused on combining our entire experience at Michigan State University into an online portfolio, of which, you are currently viewing.  

The instructors were  Dr. Matthew J. KoehlerPenny ThompsonChris Shaltry, and Denice Leach. The online course was taken in the Spring of 2011.

Goal Statement Reflection - Who Should I Be Teaching Again?

This assignment was directed at reviewing our goal statement written for admission into the Master of Arts of Educational Technology. We were to assigned to write a reflective essay on "our goals when we began and our goals now". You can read my Goal Statement Reflection titled, "Who Should I Be Teaching Again?" here.  

My Future as a Learner - The Reality I Never Knew I Craved

The "My Future as a Learner" essay was designed to "reveal your thoughts about how you plan to continue to grow and learn in the future". You can read about my plans for my future after the MAET program in "The Reality I Never Knew I Craved.

Synthesis Essay - Embracing the Change

The final essay that we were to write was the final synthesis essay, which satifies the MSU Comprehensive Exam Requirement. My essay, "Embracing the Change", is "a presentation of a comprehensive look at what I have accomplished and learned in the masters."