CEP 810 - Teaching for Understanding with Computers

In CEP 810, we researched a variety of different technological tools, especially Google Documents and RSS Readers. For a final project, I paired with a fellow classmate to create a presentation on the downfalls of technology. This presentation can be viewed below. 

The instructor was Michael Partridge and the course was taken in the Spring of 2010. It was a hybrid course taken both at Saline Community Schools and online.

Technology in the Classroom: For or Against?

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A final project in our class consisted of working with a partner to create a presentation of either for or against technology in the K-5 or 6-12 classroom. 

As you can see here, my partner Judith Blair and I utilized PowerPoint to showcase an anti-technology presentation. Using PowerPoint made a bold statement within our group and allowed us to add notes as well as had other important features when projecting our slideshow so we could remember important points. 

By using PowerPoint, we were able to easily create a professional presentation that swayed many in our class. If we were to have used simple poster board, it would not have offered us such nice features or been as professional. 

PowerPoints provide students an easy way to give and get professional information. It allows students to create a professional presentation with a variety of options and to use a computer while doing so, which taps into their engagement. 


This blog documents my progess throught the Master of Arts in Educational Technology. It's use was orignally to solely be for classroom purposes, but through it's use to began to take ownership for the work that I was completing in the class. This was namely because I knew that anyone had access to the blog and whatever I put on it was attached to my name. All information that was on there, in that case, had to be of the most professional nature. 

I use this same rationale within my classroom and blogging. The students understand than anyone can see their blog and have produced some of their best work because of this. If I were to simply use paper and pencil for the same projects, they would not feel such responsibility in their final piece of work. 

If you'd like to follow me as I progress through my Master of Arts in Educational Technology, please click the following link. Here you will discover what I'm trying to change in our Elementary Spanish program and how I'm trying to use Technology in Education to make a more engaging learning environment.