Who Should I Be Teaching Again?


Almost two years ago, I began a journey towards my Master of Arts in Educational Technology. Throughout the experience, I have been able to reflect, restate, and in many cases, change my personal and professional goals when it came to technology in the classroom and who I have the ability to affect the most with my knowledge. 

When I first wrote my personal goal statement I stated, “My passion for technology drives my enthusiasm to gain the knowledge that will allow me to teach to these students as they are used to learning in life: with technology.” Fortunately, the passion that I spoke of then still empowers me today - tenfold. The program allowed me to further my knowledge about technology and research-based practices in the use of it. The passion I have for technology drives everything I do in the classroom to help my students learn in a more engaging and interesting way. However, my entire mindset has transformed since beginning the program, mostly because of what I’ve encountered in regard to the faculty in my district and how little they use the resources available to them. 

I find that however important it is to teach the students to use the technology, it is even more important to spread my wealth of knowledge to others in education. As a tech-literate teacher who creates engaging and interesting lessons, I am envied by many teachers. As the years progress, it has become increasingly important for me to hold monthly "Snapshot of Technology" 20 minute sessions after school to help teachers who are struggling with technology in the classroom have a better grip on that technology. By providing these quick tech-tip sessions, I have given these teachers the confidence and empowerment that the MAET program gave to me. It has become incredibly evident to me that if I can help teachers better understand technology then I can touch many more students’ educations through the knowledge of their classroom teachers. 

I spoke of the 21st Century Learner in my personal goal statement, never knowing how important that statement really would be. "The Master of Arts in Educational Technology will provide me the necessary base that I will use to bring out the full potential in my 21st century students." Students shouldn’t be “labeled” 21st century, as they are who are they are and have evolved just as our technology has over the last 30 years in regard to software and hardware in all parts of life. Now, instead of attaching a label to students, I speak of them to colleagues and friends as normal kids.However, it’s important for me to remember that although students are tech-literate, they aren’t always literate in the technology that I use. I am constantly teaching how to use the Promethean Board, ELMO, Flip Video, along with various pieces of software. However, if the teacher doesn't know how to use these technologies, the students won't see them in the first place. Empowered and tech-literate teachers = empowered students. 

Without the MAET program’s continual support, guidance, and empowerment, I would’ve never come to the conclusion that the most important aspect of this degree for me will be the ability to positively influence the tech-education I give to my colleagues, so that they can improve the technology they use for the education they give to their students . 

Kerry Guiliano