Master of Arts in Educational Technology

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology program from Michigan State University is a series of steps that are completed. Below, you will see that I first completed the Technology Certificate, and then moved onto the NP Endorsement in Michigan, which is the Educational Technology endorsement. I then finished up my degree by completing the final portfolio class. Although this is only eight classes, I transferred in two courses from my teaching internship year from Michigan State University, which you will find at the bottom of the this page. 

By clicking on the course, you will be taken to another page that details more information, including the instructor and semester taken. There are also many projects for each class that are within this pages. I encourage you to take your time and see all of the wonderful opportunities there are with technology in K-12 education and beyond! 

Technology Certificate
Saline Area Schools, Spring Semester 2010 - Michael Partridge

CEP 810 - Teaching for Understanding with Computers

CEP 811 - Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education

CEP 812 - Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice

NP Endorsement
East Lansing Hybrid Cohort, Summer Semester 2010 - Punya Mishra, Ph.D., Sara Beauchamp-Hicks & Jess Knott
CEP 820 - Online, Spring Semester 2011 - Michelle Schira Hagerman & Ammon Wilcken

CEP 800 - Learning in School and Other Settings
CEP 815 - Technology and Leadership
CEP 822 - Approaches to Educational Research

CEP 820 - Teaching K-12 Students Online

Master of Arts in Educational Technology
Online, Spring Semester 2011 - Dr. Matthew J. Koehler, Penny Thompson, Chris Shaltry, and Denice Leach

CEP 807 - Capstone in Educational Technology

Transfer Credits - Teaching Certification Year (6 Credits)
East Lansing, Spring Semester 2009, Peter Youngs & Anny Fritzen, Ph.D., respectively

TE 803 - Professional Roles and Teaching Practice II

The class focused on strategies for working both within the school and outside with community groups. It focused on advocacy within the school community.

TE 804 - Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice II

The class focused on teaching, learnign and educational policy within the World Language classroom. It provided insight into the problems of practice today and technological solutions of the future.